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Who is responsible for IoT security in healthcare?

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NIST panel debates who should own IoT security: vendors or users. The issue is especially important when it comes to protecting medical devices.

The next big challenge in cybersecurity will undoubtedly be to secure the billion-plus (and growing) internet-of-things (IoT) devices around the globe, which exponentially expand the attack vector across the increasingly interconnected IT sector. Based on statistics from Symantec, attacks that leverage internet-connected cameras, appliances, cars, and medical devices to launch attacks or infiltrate networks soared by 600 percent from 2016 to 2017.

[“It was a big year for cyberattacks,” Ken Durbin, senior strategist for global government affairs at Symantec, said speaking on a panel at NIST’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Conference. Much of that panel’s discussion focused on who should own IoT security. The nature of IoT risk makes that a hard question to answer.

[This article appeared in CSO Online. To read the rest of the article please visit here.]

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