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Cynthia Brumfield President and Principal Analyst

Cynthia Brumfield, President and Principal Analyst

President and Principal analyst Cynthia Brumfield has extensive experience in a wide range of communications, media, technology and more recently cybersecurity businesses. Backed by top-level experience at a major U.S. communications trade association, premier investment analysis firm, her own successful publication and web-based businesses and a trade group focused on the intersection of technology and the energy industry, she is capable of leading a variety of research, analysis, consulting and publishing initiatives.

She has served as Director of Research at The Media Institute, Vice President of Research and Policy Analysis at the National Cable Telecommunications Association, Senior Analyst at Paul Kagan Associates (now SNL Kagan), President of her own firm Emerging Media Dynamics and Director of Research at the Utilities Telecom Council. Widely recognized for the high caliber of her research design, writing, event development, and speaking skills, Ms. Brumfield has appeared on panels at numerous conferences and on various television and web-based video programs.

What Others say

  • Nobody does focus groups like Cynthia. Her preparation with the client as well as the focus group participants is so thorough that everyone is open and relaxed when the group actually meets. And, most importantly, the results she is able to pull from a focus group are the best I have ever seen. Simply amazing.

    Bill Moroney Former President/CEO, Utilities Telecom Council
    Bill Moroney
  • Cynthia always gets it right.

    Decker Anstrom former President/CEO, National Cable Telecommunications Association
    Decker Anstrom
  • Cynthia’s astute observations of the telecom sector and the macro technology landscape are without peer. Her keen eye, fact-based opinion, and wicked-smooth style made her a “must-read” in my world of tech policy at Verizon.

    John Czwartacki former Executive Director, External Communications, Verizon
    John Czwartacki