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DCT Associates will launch a report series that looks at the cutting-edge issues driving the communications, energy and media worlds. These incisive reports will intelligently encapsulate for decision-making audiences the background, trends, market and policy implications of the most important issues of the day.


DCT Associates will launch live and web-based events that bring together the most knowledgeable experts on a host of issues. We will experiment with new formats as well as traditional webcasts and face-to-face events. Our plan is to have fun and make most of the web-based events free to attendees.

Subject Areas

  • Cybersecurity

    As business, government, finance, health care, education and national security becomes tightly interwoven through vast, global networks of data, no issue has become more important to social welfare than cybersecurity. Protecting critical infrastructure systems, particularly telecommunications and energy delivery, is a brand new and daunting challenge, made even more difficult by the highly specialized nature of the subject and the confusing array of technical and government institutions responsible for maintaining the safety and reliability of important services. DCT Associates will produce reports and ongoing events that decipher in plain English the state of cybersecurity for selected critical sectors. If you or your organization is interested in participating in these efforts, contact us.

  • Smart Grid

    Energy delivery systems around the globe are struggling to jump from 19th Century architectures to 21st Century networks in an extremely rapid time frame. The so-called “smart grid” model embraced by policy makers and utilities is fundamentally nothing more than building advanced IT and telecommunications technologies into the existing energy grid to make it more efficient and controllable. But the job is easier to envision than implement – technical, financial and social challenges stand in the way of a truly intelligent electric grid and the promises of energy modernization still remain unfulfilled. DCT Associates will produce reports and events that assess the progress and examine the obstacles in the smart grid arena. If you or your organization is interested in participating in these efforts, contact us.

  • Privacy

    Closely aligned with the challenges of cybersecurity, privacy issues in the socially networked, always-on, digitally interconnected communications era increasingly drive how virtually every business, social institution and government agency works. Only a few experts truly understand how vulnerable every person, family, community and organization are in this new era when big data and sophisticated analytics can expose any individual’s private information, daily activities and location within seconds. The challenge is not to eliminate the privacy risks but for everyone to adapt to this new environment with as little risk as possible, balancing the benefits of better information analysis against the threats to individual and organizational welfare. DCT Associates will produce reports and events that examine this new environment, shedding light on the bigger picture questions surrounding privacy in the big data analytics era. If you or your organization is interested in participating in our privacy efforts, contact us.

  • Communications Competition

    Within one generation, the communications industry has undergone a radical transformation from a one-way, one-to-many, relatively static and stationary model to a vibrant, multi-directional, mobile and interactive ecosystem continually disrupted by the inherent adaptability and mutability of Internet Protocol-based technologies. But as has been true since the dawn of electronic communications, the capital-intensive nature of building and maintaining communications infrastructure drives the market to a relatively small number of dominant players, an inescapable dynamic made all the more difficult to understand by rapid-paced technology innovations. DCT Associates will produce reports and events that look at wired and wireless competition issues, assessing the market shares, market positions and policy ramifications of the key communications and information providers. If you or your organization is interested in participating in our communications competition analysis efforts, contact us.

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    DCT Associates is a strategic advisory services company with a professional team that has an extensive track record in producing high-caliber analyses, reports, studies, focus groups and events. Led by a veteran technology and communications industry analyst and backed by a network of specialists in the communications, technology and media worlds, DCT Associates is the smart choice for your information service needs.

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